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     Mouth so toxic, heart must have a lot of pain, right?Love makes people stupid, but I don't mind if I get a little stupid.Woman, love, like, isolated.今天,QQ头像网小编为大家带来“ 英文爱情个性签名  ”。


      微笑回忆你给的回忆       1、沵给旳承诺,一文不值。       You give the commitment, not worth a hair.       2、有些人,看清了,也就看轻了。       Some people see, also underestimate.       3、我是你的过客,你却是我的定格。       I am your traveler, you are my frame.       4、一个人很久不联系,就会有距离。       A person for a long time without contact, there will be a distance.       5、尴尬的时候、哭不想哭,笑不像笑。       Embarrassed, cry, laugh, laugh.       6、只要你愿意,我可以一直在你身边。       As long as you want, I can always be around you.       7、抿着嘴微笑,微笑回忆你给的回忆。       Pursed her lips in a smile, smile memories of your memories.       8、眼睛为她下着雨,心却为她打着伞。       Eyes are raining for her, but for her umbrella.       9、我不懂浪漫,但我懂什么叫对你好。       I don't know about romance, but I know what's right for you.       10、暴晒在一旁的寂寞,笑我给不起承诺。       Exposure in the side of the lonely, I can not afford to laugh.   英文爱情个性签名       内心一定是有很多苦       11、谁又从谁的雨季里消失,泛滥了眼泪。       Who has disappeared from the rainy season, the flood of tears.       12、嘴巴那么毒,内心一定是有很多苦吧?       Mouth so toxic, heart must have a lot of pain, right?       13、爱情会让人变笨,但我不介意变笨一点。       Love makes people stupid, but I don't mind if I get a little stupid.       14、女人,恋爱的时候,就像,与世隔绝般。       Woman, love, like, isolated.       15、多谢你的不在乎,知道了我的自作多情。       Thank you for your care, I know the way.       16、爱情之所以变的虚伪,是因为欲望的纵容。       The reason why the love of the false, because the desire of the indulgence.       17、有些东西强求不来,比如爱情,比如信任。       Some things can not be forced, such as love, such as trust.       18、我不想感动谁,只想有一个不会放弃我的人。       I don't want to be touched, just want to have a person who won't give up on me.       19、你所知道的不要全说,你所听到的不要全信。       Do not say all you know, all you hear.   英文爱情个性签名       比如爱情,比如信任       20、如果你不出去走走,你就会以为这就是世界。       If you don't go out for a walk, you will think that this is the world.       21、孤独是世纪绝症,我们这代人谁都不能幸免。       Loneliness is the century of a terminally ill, we this generation of people who can not escape.       22、除去一开始的新鲜感,陪伴与懂得更加重要。       To remove the fresh feeling of the beginning, to accompany and understand more important.       23、昏暗的天气,繁忙的街道,想起昔日的你我。       Dark weather, busy streets, think of the past you and me.       24、总想开口问你爱我吗?开口总会变成你好吗?       Always wanted to ask you love me? How do you open your mouth?       25、没有办法预测未来,不知道你将来还在不在。       There is no way to predict the future, do not know you will not be in the future.       26、爱你的人,很多很多;我爱的人,只你一个!       The person who loves you, a lot of people, I love the person, only you one!       以上就是小编在这里收集的“英文爱情个性签名  ”,更多个性签名请关注QQ头像网,QQ头像网给你带来不一样的潮流和惊喜!

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